About Me

Imran Abbas is an actor/model with a career spanning over a couple of decades. He hasn’t had conventional journey into this field, and actually set to become an Architect, having studied and qualified from the National College of Arts, in Lahore. Towards the end of his studies he started receiving lucrative modelling assignments, and as a young, impressionable thing took up the opportunities and fell into this field. With the passage of time modelling led to acting and he become somewhat the accidental actor, though Architecture still remains a passion of mine.


He has been blessed to have had a career that allowed him to see the world; to learn from a diverse range of people, of various cultures. Aside from the human side of things it’s helped him further develop his creative and technical skills as an actor, for example, through his work in Bollywood.


He is a family orientated individual that loves nature – pets and wildlife, and like to think he have green fingers too 🙂 He enjoys music, love singing and absolutely adore poetry.


To all of his friends, family, fans, well-wishers, and not forgetting the Almighty: He is grateful for every opportunity that has come his way, and for all of the warmth and support he have had from you all. We often become so embroiled in our day to day issues and routine that we forget to take time out to be grateful for all good that has come our way, and even when challenged to see the positives that result, such as strength and tenacity of one’s character.
So, on that note, he want to say a huge thank you to everyone that’s been part of his journey – He is truly, deeply touched.

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