With his recent sensational character Ramish in Tum Kon Piya, which is already already creating a buzz for its twisted plot and gripping drama, Imran Abbas is geared up to strike again with his upcoming feature film, Musafir. Working with director Sakina Samo who has had a hearty association with Abbas right from the time of drama serial, Mera Naseeb in which they had worked together, the actor feels giddy to be a part of another production with her. Read: Imran Abbas steals the show in Episode 13 of Tum Kon Piya In a tête á tête with HIP, Pakistani heartthrob talks about Musafir, his character in the film and much more. “My role in Musafir is of a boy who is a philanthropist. He loves nature, he is kind and above all he is a giver,” explained Abbas while discussing about his character in the film. “Later on the guy falls in love with a girl (Naveen Waqar), and saves her life. He believes in giving a helping hand to others and be kind to them because it keeps on coming back as a blessing even when you are not alive,” he added. When asked about the most interesting part of this feature film, Abbas exclaimed, “This film is very close to me since it reflects my own personality! I am a complete nature lover and in the film as well, this guy’s philosophy of life and his association with nature and humanity appears to be quite relatable.” The actor also told HIP exclusively that this feature film is something that has been made for a useful cause, where he does not wish to make money out of talent and rather work for the sake of educating people and producing something fruitful. On his experiences of working with Samo in the director seat, Abbas stated, “I was in Lahore when I got the offer. I thought that since the shooting will take place in Nathia Gali and Murree, I will get a chance to spend some time over there. I was even more excited with the fact I will be working with Sakina Samo and that too as a director this time. We have worked together in Mera Naseeb before but this was the first time I have experienced her presence as a director. It was wonderful and very positive to work with her.”